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    The Arora's recently redecorated their house by coordinating red and three colors for the walls, carpets and curtains of four different rooms. From the information given below determine the colors of the carpet, walls and curtains for each of the room and answer the following questions.

    (i) White was the only color used in all the rooms. It was used at least once for walls carpets and curtains.
    (ii) Three different colors were used in each room, but only the dining room and bed room were decorated in same three colors.
    (iii) The same colors were chosen for the curtains in the bed room, the carpet in the living and wall in the dining room that color was not at all used in the study room.
    (iv) The only room with both brown and blue in its color had the same color carpet as the dining room.
    (v) Blue was the only color used exactly twice both the times for curtains.
    (vii) The study room wall were painted the same color as the living room's walls.

    Tell the color of Each room's WALL, CARPET and CURTAIN. :yawn:
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    Dining Room: WA(RED), CA(BROWN), CU(WHITE)
    Bed Room: WA(BROWN), CA(WHITE), CU(RED)
    Living Room: WA(WHITE), CA(RED), CU(BLUE)
    Study Room: WA(WHITE), CA(BROWN), CU(BLUE)
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    For such puzzle one need to practice so that it should be solved with in time limit.
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    Some time leaving puzzle questions is better than attempting it because it may waste your valuable time.

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