Finance suggest finance project topics

Discussion in 'Project Discussion' started by saranmba87, May 12, 2009.

  1. saranmba87

    saranmba87 New Member


    pl suggest me some project topics which is related to finance particularly manufacturing sector
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  2. anurag365

    anurag365 Member

    topics such as working capital management, inventory management, cost benefit analysis of a project, capital budgeting process in the company etc. are good for finance students.

    i am doing my research in capital budgeting.
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  3. madhursayankrit

    madhursayankrit New Member

    Re: Finance suggest finance project topics

    you can choose for share/ or balancs sheet related

    Critical evalaution of Post preseidential election of U president and its impact to global economy
  4. Yogin

    Yogin Member

    Topics : -
    Forex Risk Management
    Money Laundering
    Terrorist Financing
    Portfolio Management
    Working Capital Management
    Risk management in MNC's
    this are some topics for finance which u can work on!!
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  5. U can choose credit card management..
  6. saranmba87

    saranmba87 New Member


    thanks everybody.

    i want to know which project is valuable either in doing manufacturing or in stock market.

    Stock market means suggest some topics
  7. indu

    indu New Member

    plz, can u suggest topics related to share market
    for exclusive sevices limited,company.
  8. kirtiguptaa

    kirtiguptaa New Member

    can u plz help wid project in finance on working capital mangt.
  9. satyavir

    satyavir New Member

    send me some finance project proposal please if you have any.
  10. Amuthasona

    Amuthasona New Member

    Re: finance project topics in manufacturing sector

    pls send cost benefit analysis project
  11. New Member

    hi, you can choose toopics like core financing,venture capital, portfoliio management, forex
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  12. leenapriyadarsini.S

    leenapriyadarsini.S New Member


    pl suggest me some project topics which is related to finance particularly manufacturing sector
  13. leenapriyadarsini.S

    leenapriyadarsini.S New Member

    easy topic in finances
  14. leenapriyadarsini.S

    leenapriyadarsini.S New Member

    hi... pls can u send me a finances project in cost reduction and cost control
  15. amrita

    amrita New Member

    can u send me finance project report related to hosital management
  16. pradeesh_18

    pradeesh_18 New Member

    Hi guys.. could some1 help me by sending an project report on cost benefit analysis??
  17. shailpatel

    shailpatel New Member

    hi i m doing final year mba...& i m done grand project on this topic....
    plzs send me report on capital budegting of any company

    RITAKOTHARI New Member

  19. Fshoan

    Fshoan New Member

    Do you have the project report on any Finanace projects .!
  20. farah.nawaz

    farah.nawaz New Member

    you could go for Analysis of Working Capital Management or Inventory Management.

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