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Discussion in 'International MBA' started by shaziauk, Aug 26, 2009.

  1. shaziauk

    shaziauk Banned

    Can any body tell me regarding new admission policy in UK for other counties.
  2. rax.india

    rax.india Member

    you can send us all your queries to id <<Snipped>> we will send you reply i am education consultant for india and abroad .
  3. bhinav10

    bhinav10 New Member

    i am interested in doing MBA from a good college after graduation form an international college... plz guide me.......

    regards and thanks
  4. ethames.mumbai

    ethames.mumbai New Member

    Dear abhinav

    If you are interetsed to study abroad,
    please Contact
  5. rax.india

    rax.india Member

  6. krip

    krip New Member

    There is no much change in the new policy, however, they have stopped issuing work permit visas post completion of your study. You need to get a job offer and only then you qualify for the visa.
  7. roy_abhi

    roy_abhi New Member

    What will be the total cost if somebody doing MBA from UK university or college.

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