Article Singular to Plural Noun Conversion Rules With Examples

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    Rule 1 : Add s to the singular noun.

    Ball -- Balls
    Egg -- Eggs

    Rule 2 : Noun ending with o, s, ss, sh, ch or x Add es

    Bench - Benches
    Box - Boxes
    Boss - Bosses
    Mango - Mangoes

    Rule 3 : Noun ending with f or fe, change the f or fe to ves

    thief - thieves
    life - lives

    But following are exceptions

    chief - chiefs
    roof - roofs
    hoof - hoofs
    proof - proofs
    handkerchief - handkerchiefs

    Rule 4 : Noun ending in consonant + y Change y to ies

    City - cities
    Baby - babies

    Rule 5 : Noun ending in Vowel + y - Add s

    Boy - boys
    monkey - monkeys

    Exceptions to all of the above rules

    Child - Children
    Foot - Feet
    Goose - Geese
    Man - Men
    Mouse - Mice
    Ox - Oxen
    Tooth - Teeth
    Woman - Women

    Deer, Sheep, Fish, Fruit have same form in singular and plural.

    Fishes or Fruits is used not for many of different kind but not for many of the same kind.

    Fruits are good for health means fruits of different kind and not one kind of fruit. Similar We saw variety of fishes in aquiriam means different kind of fishes.

    Scissors, trousers, spectacles, shorts are always used in plural form.
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    Shabbir thanks for this article and i am sure this will help student to get good command over English grammar.
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