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How is ISBR Business School, Electronic City, Bangalore

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  1. Ravindra@M

    Ravindra@M New Member

    Hi! Guys......
    One more great day at ISBR...……Today we celebrated valedictory function TABULA RASA.
    It was awesome function presented by ISBR student……under the guidance of our great DJ.
  2. shubham_itsme

    shubham_itsme New Member

    Hey Guys
    Today there was International Guest Lecture on Innovation & Productivity by Prof. John Heap- Institute of Productivity, UK and Mr. Byron Pratt,
    Trainer and Quality assessor at ISBR… was great learning for us…….
  3. Ravindra@M

    Ravindra@M New Member

    Hey Guys
    On 7th September ISBR Business School, Bangalore had celebrated ISBR DAY 2013…..It was really great day for all of us……… We had lot of fun......on that day
  4. Ravindra@M

    Ravindra@M New Member

    ISBR has signed an MOU with Edinburgh Napier University, EDINBURGH (Scotland) for student exchange, joint programs, faculty exchange and other initiatives.

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