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  1. I just found this on the net.....hope u found it useful :yes: few of the HR TOPICS tat u could choose from...alll the best

    Recruitment and Selection Process

    Complete Recruitment life cycle
    Levels of Companies
    Technologies and Domineer
    Portal Explanation
    Explanation of Job Descripton and Analyzing of Requirement
    Sourcing of Profiles from Portals
    Screening of profiles as per the requirement
    Calling the Candidates
    Formatting of profiles and Tracker’s Preparation
    Maintenance of Databas
    Training and Development
    Concept of Training and Development
    Training Needs Identification Process
    Designing Annual Training Plans
    Training Execution
    Designing Employee Development Initiatives
    Designing Supervisory Development Programs
    Designing Management Development Programs
    What is Training ROI and how to Calculate
    Introduction to Best Trainer Skills, Knowledge and Abilities
    Induction and Orientation
    How to Design Induction Programs and Execution
    How to Design on the Job Training Programs and Monitoring
    How to evaluate effectiveness of Induction and on the Job Training Programs
    Probation Confirmation and HR Role

    Team Management Skills
    Understanding What is a Team
    Understanding Team Development Stages
    What is your Team Membership Orientation
    How to improve your effectiveness as Team Member
    What is Team Leadership
    Understanding my Orientation

    • Stress Management
    • Job Satisfaction
    • Employee Motivation
    • Quality of Work Life
    • Training and Development
    • Recruitment Life Cycle
    • Recruitment and Selection
    • Human Resource Development
    • Employee Engagement
    • Performance Appraisal
    • Compensation Management
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  2. can anyone give suggestion on this topic "Emerging trends in recruitment process"
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    hi everyone ....
    i am doing my project in sap hr . the topic is effectiveness of sap hr in payroll . can someone guide me please......
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    hi , well i had one more project topic in ming, work life balance , if somebody has any reports or can provide me with any information , it would be great help , thank you..
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    Thank you it is good one
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    HR Intervention in TQM is a very nice topic,if HR takes right initiative is choosing quality people it will lead to a a better work quality and slowly leading to TQM...can we i get more details on this project
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    Just this to Sopiha's list of topics:

    E-Learning in organizations- its viability, scope, merits and demerits
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    I am studying MBA final in Madras University, Chennai. Can any one guide me to get a project either in job satisfaction or performance appraisal..
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    I m doing MBA final year need to submit project on HR topics by next week. Please anyone who has the report for any HR project kindly send it to

    Thanks in advance,
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    Anyone help me with sample Job Satisfaction report for my reference please.
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    hey sophia...thanx...a friend of mine is doing her project in HR on employee engagement frm Dainik Bhaskar...Do u have a project in employee engagement or could u guide me on it...thanx again...
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    can u give me project report on comparative study of mutual funds
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    hi i need a questionnaire for lbor welfare measures.......... also need a prjct reprt on welfare measures....
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    Hi Frndz,

    I need a project on Technology Management ... Can anybody plz help
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    I am looking out 4 a HR Project Report on Consultancy (Recruitment and Selection). Cn some body give me information.

    Thanks in Advance

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