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    An entrepreneur is some how who has a different set of ideas and new way of doing a business. Entrepreneurs have the risk taking ability which makes them invade the unconquered territories. It requires huge amount of courage and determination to pursue with their goals. They had a tough stand in tackling against the odds. We hear lots of success stories in the entrepreneurial segment, but the struggles that each one faced never came to the limelight. I read an article about the new age entrepreneurs from a popular magazine. It was quite amazing to see the statistics provided in it. Hence, i am sharing the data with you.

    95% of the entrepreneurs have worked for corporate companies before they did the start up. 67% of them had a work experience of 0 to 5 years where they learned business. Value work experience helped them to understand business models and how to carry out their business ideas. The power of execution of ideas were realized here. The survey reveals that these employees had their ideas springing up every now and then where they kept working on such ideas alongside their work in the corporate atmosphere.

    Reasons for start up

    The work experience and the business operations in the office helped them to give shapes to their dreams. 83% of the entrepreneurs stated believed in their own ideas and forced themselves to quit the job. 56% of the starters believed they were making money to their bosses and they do not get any. Well, I belong to this category for sure. 50% of the entrepreneurs were not able to cope up with their senior officials and their views very different from them. 39% revealed that they were forced to work on ideas which they did not agree with.

    Strong affirmation

    The basic reason for which you turned to be an entrepreneur is the belief in power of thinking and innovation. 56% of the entrepreneurs believed strongly on their business model and they could no longer postpone the decision of starting their business. The recent developments that happened in the market or in the same industry was a motivating factor to quit the job.

    Support factors

    53% of entrepreneurs reported that they had problem in funding their start up. Certain people were not able to convince their partners and 11% of the respondents revealed the lack of family support. 56% of the people accepted that they had mentoring sessions and were offered great kind of support either in term of incubation or mentoring. 16% of them were lucky enough to get incubation from some of the premier institutions, alumni groups and other friends. Surprisingly, about 5% had mentoring sessions from their ex-bosses and academic gurus. Certain starters would liked to go without any mentors and decided to learn from their own mistakes.

    However, one common point that everybody said was, ”Believe in yourself and have a strong faith in your ideas”. This is the mantra to take you to the steps of heaven.
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    @ ichkoguy, An entrepreneur is someone who......, rather than some how who has.......This could be a common error unless I do not understand the sentence. Thanks for this contribution, is really gonna be helpful to me and my students.

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