Miscellaneous List of Project Topics

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    1. JIT (just in time)
    2. EOQ
    3. ABC analysis
    4. vendor performance
    5. quality circle
    6. TQM
    7. ISO 9000
    8. value engineering
    9. centralize purchase
    10. management audit
    11. company analysis with ratio/fund flow
    12. study of stock exchange
    13. role of SEBI
    14. joint venture
    15. takeover
    16. merger
    17. marginal cost as management tool
    18. product life cycle
    19. media plan
    20. test marketing
    21. export pricing
    22. role of small scale industries in developing nation
    23. role of SIDBI
    24. role of EXLM bank
    25. study of financial institute
    26. mutual fund
    27. Privatization insurance, road, ports etc.
    28. waste management
    29. trade union movement in India
    30. labour welfare scheme
    31. working capital management
    32. cash management / fund management
    33. importance of budget
    34. invisible exports
    35. tourism industries
    36. brand equity
    37. bench marking
    38. co-operative movement in Agro-product
    39. marketing Agro-product
    40. DOT COM company in future
    41. IT Parks
    42. South East Asian origin
    43. FDI
    44. Regional Grouping / Trade Block
    45. SEZ
    46. packing need
    47. social forestory
    48. comparative study of industries (either financial angle or marketing angle or techno angle)
    49. marketing of SSI produt
    50. warehousing
    51. transport
    52. IATA – role function
    53. communication and custom service
    54. universal bank
    55. credit cards
    56. health economics
    57. Body language
    58. role of financial institutions in industrial development
    59. NBFC's
    60. GDR's / ADR's
    61. debt markets
    62. securitization
    63. commercial paper
    64. forex and treasury
    65. performance appraisals
    66. private sector banks
    67. comparative study of 2 financial institutions
    68. need and importance of financial analysis
    69. tax and non tax revenues
    70. deficit financing
    71. corporate finance
    72. corporate restructuring
    73. telebanking
    74. internet banking
    75. capital markets
    76. FII's and India
    77. failure of mutual funds
    78. comparative study of mutual funds
    79. emotional intelligence
    80. organization culture in Indian organization
    81. conflict management
    82. time management
    83. interpersonal relations
    84. professional stress
    85. performance appraisals
    86. performance 360 appraisals
    87. counseling
    88. transactional analysis
    89. organizational development
    90. motivation
    91. group dynamics
    92. Vedic management
    93. human relations
    94. VRS
    95. retrenchment
    96. layoffs
    97. training and development
    98. recruitment in Indian organization
    99. rural marketing
    100. CRM
    101. customer retention
    102. management of services
    103. customer behaviour with product
    104. FEMA
    105. tele marketing
    106. sky shops
    107. net work marketing
    108. global marketing
    109. industrial goods marketing
    110. marketing mix case study
    111. promotional strategies
    112. exchange offers
    113. after sales service
    114. celebrity marketing
    115. PLC
    116. role of advertising
    117. product diversification
    118. product modification
    119. product elimination
    120. trend in privatization
    121. trend analysis in FDI (sector wise / state wise)
    122. impact of globalization in any specific industry
    123. essentials of a valid contract
    124. rights and duties of directors
    125. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
    126. futures and options
    127. financial swaps
    128. foreign exchange rates
    129. creation of corporate entity
    130. dishonour of cheques and liability of directors
    131. prospectus for issue of capital
    132. role of partners including implied authorities
    133. effect of dissolution of partnership
    134. MODVAT
    135. effect of indirect taxes on industries
    136. value added tax
    137. meeting and minutes in a company
    138. environmental management
    139. labour welfare measures under factories act
    140. environmental protection measures
    141. Stress Management
    142. Brand Equity
    143. IT management, IT insights
    144. Finance Scams in india
    145. consumer behavior in relation to health care products
    146. indias major trade partners - uk and usa
    147. organisational development
    148. consumer behaviour with respect to cold drinks".
    149. working capital management

    Further Project Topics - http://www.mbaguys.net/t1707/ & http://www.mbaguys.net/t2085/
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    i want project report 4 mba operation
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    i want project report for comparative study of mutual funds
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    Hi,is there any project on cash management
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    i want a project in finance
    can sumbody help me
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    Hi can i get a project on 126. Futures and options?
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    Can you please suggest me a Project Topic for Technology Management?
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    i want a project report for MBA (Finance) 4th sem of 80 to 90 pages. Plz help me out as my exams r in August; 2009
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    # comparative study of 2 financial institutions
    # need and importance of financial analysis

    i want project on these 2 topics from your list .... but how should i download them
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    hi,myself HAYAT i am in urgent need of mba finance project in power distribution sector
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    Hi Frndz,

    am 2ing final year MBA Technology Management in Anna Univ. I need a proj in tech management.. can u plz help...
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    i want a detailed project report on summer internship project on pvt.sector banks.pls do hlp........
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    I have to prepare a project on Futures and Options.
    Could anyone pl provide any such project.

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    i want project report in finance of abc analysis from ur list
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    I want a project for MBA Operations.
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    plsssss any body help me for making project on emotinal intelligence
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    Hi , I want to comlplete project in operation management can any one help me.
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    im doing a project on bajaj automobiles its advertising effectiveness i want complete inf about it .the inf should be of 50to60 pages .i want a complete inf about it like introduction,historical background,methodology,company profile,questionnaire of any bajaj co.
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    Can i have your mobile no pls
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