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    Here is a list of words containing "phil" in them, which comes from ancient Greek phileein to love, and so a 'philia' is a special love, affection, attraction or preference for a certain type of thing.
    And if you are a "philonoist" or "philomath" you will enjoy this all the more;)

    Word- Definition
    aerophilately - collecting of air-mail stamps
    ailurophilia - love of cats
    ammophilous - sand-loving; preferring to dwell in sand
    anemophilous - pollinated by wind
    anglophilia - love or fondness for England or the English
    anthophilous - loving or frequenting flowers
    apodysophilia - feverish desire to undress
    arctophily - study of teddy bears
    astrophile - person interested in astronomy
    audiophile - one who loves accurately reproduced recorded sound
    belonephilia - sexual obsession with sharp objects
    bibliophily - love or fondness for books or reading
    canophilia - love or fondness for dogs
    cartophily - the hobby of collecting cigarette cards
    chasmophilous - fond of nooks, crevices and crannies
    chiropterophilous - pollinated or frequented by bats
    chromophilous - staining easily
    chrysophilist - gold-lover
    clinophilia - passion for beds
    coprophilia - abnormal love or fondness for feces
    cynophilist - one who loves dogs
    dendrophilous - fond of trees
    discophile - one who loves and studies sound recordings
    electrophile - substance having an affinity for electrons or negative charge
    entomophilous - adapted for pollination by insects
    ergophile - one who loves work
    Europhile - one who loves Europe
    Francophile - one who loves France or the French
    Gallophile - one who loves France or the French
    geophilous - living in or near the ground
    Germanophilia - love or fondness for Germany or the Germans
    gerontophilia - sexual attraction towards the elderly
    gynotikolobomassophile - one who nibbles on women’s earlobes
    haemophilia - hereditary disease causing excesssive bleeding
    halophilous - tolerant of salt or salt-water
    heliophilous - preferring or attracted to the sunlight
    hippophile - lover of horses
    homophile - one who prefers the company of the same sex; a homosexual
    hydrophilous - loving or preferring water
    hygrophilous - preferring or living where there is an abundance of moisture
    iconophilism - a taste for pictures and symbols
    japanophilia - love or admiration for Japan or the Japanese
    labeorphily - collection and study of beer bottle labels
    limnophilous - living in ponds or marshes
    lithophilous - living among stones
    logophile - a lover of words
    lygophilia - love of darkness
    lyophile - easily dispersed in a suitable medium
    malacophilous - pollinated by snails
    myrmecophilous - having a symbiotic relationship with ants
    necrophilia - unusual love or sexual attraction for corpses
    negrophile - one who is sympathetic towards black people
    nemophilist - one who loves the woods
    neophile - one who loves novelty and trends
    nitrophilous - flourishing in or preferring locations with abundant nitrogen
    notaphily - collecting of bank-notes and cheques
    oenophile - one who is fond of or loves wine
    ombrophilous - tolerant of large amounts of rainfall
    ophiophilist - snake-lover
    ornithophilous - pollinated by birds
    paedophilia - abnormal love or sexual attraction for children
    palaeophile - antiquarian
    paraphilia - any abnormal sexual attraction
    peristerophily - pigeon-collecting
    petrophilous - living on or thriving in rocky areas
    philalethist - lover of truth
    philately - study of postage stamps
    philhippic - loving or admiring horses
    phillumeny - collecting of matchbox labels
    philocaly - love of beauty
    philodemic - fond of commoners or the lower classes
    philogyny - love of women
    philomath - lover of learning
    philonoist - one who seeks knowledge
    philopornist - lover of prostitutes
    philotechnical - devoted to the arts
    philotherianism - love of animals
    philoxenia - hospitality
    photophilous - preferring or thriving in lighted conditions
    phytophilous - fond of plants
    pogonophile - one who loves beards
    psammophile - sand-loving plant
    psychrophilic - thriving in cold temperatures
    retrophilia - love of things of the past
    rheophile - living or thriving in running water
    rhizophilous - growing or thriving on or near roots
    Russophile - one who admires Russia or the Russians
    sarcophilous - fond of flesh
    sciophilous - thriving in or loving shady conditions
    scopophilia - obtaining sexual pleasure from seeing things
    Scotophilia - admiration for Scotland or the Scots
    scripophily - collection of bond and share certificates
    Sinophile - one who admires China or the Chinese
    Slavophile - one who admires the Slavs
    spermophile - member of family of seed-loving rodents
    stegophilist - one who climbs buildings for sport
    stigmatophilia- obsession with tattooing or branding
    symphily - living together for mutual benefit
    technophile - one who is fond of technology
    thalassophilous - living in or fond of the sea
    theophile - one who loves or is loved by God
    thermophilous - preferring or thriving in high temperatures
    timbrophily - love or fondness for stamps; stamp-collecting
    tobaccophile - one who loves tobacco
    topophilia - great love or affection for a particular place
    toxophily - love of archery; archery; study of archery
    tropophilous - flourishing in seasonal extremes of climate
    turophile - cheese lover
    typhlophile - one who is kind to the blind
    xenophilia - love of foreigners
    xerophily - adaptation to very dry conditions
    xylophilous - fond of wood; living in or on wood
    zoophilia - loving or caring for animals; bestiality
    zoophily - loving or caring for animals; bestiality
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    This is a good list.
    Hmm.. all that i could do now is, copy them and paste them in word files.
    Dumping into my system.. :D
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    :D how about storin @ better place--the human memory:D
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    No offence meant, Did u compile this list on the spot here using your human memory?
    i guess not.:D
    The same is what i said. :)
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    :cool: mmm well true n so b it....dump all there..:)

    but also just hopin u resort 2 only the human memory 4 the MAT ur tnking of appearin in Dec:D:p
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    i'm ailurophilia, that's why i have 2 cat as my pet. And reading zoophilia remind to one of my friend who have house but it's like a zoo :D because there is many animal.
    Well, thanks for the list, it's increasing my knowledge
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    quite intersting....thanxxxxxx 4 sharing

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