Question Is MBA right for me?

Discussion in 'Career Discussion' started by Atul Mittal, Dec 6, 2013.

  1. Atul Mittal

    Atul Mittal New Member

    I had finished my graduation in 2012 and after that, I worked in a company for almost one year. Now, I want to go ahead in life and want to pursue MBA, but I am also not sure about that. The post here says that MBA has great future and opportunities ahead. Is it right for me or should I go with any other post graduation?
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  2. wlcireema

    wlcireema New Member

    Since you are a graduate with 1 year work experience, pursuing an MBA can actually open up many opportunities for you. Most organizations require MBA’s with a work experience to fill responsible positions. These opportunities will help you climb the success ladder, faster.
  3. roy_abhi

    roy_abhi New Member

    You can join an MBA program for working person like executive MBA to polish your skills and it will help you to make your career bright.
  4. Bahiya456

    Bahiya456 New Member

    yea most definitely, MBA is the best option for you. But if you are working somewhere, or if you have some responsibility, then you can go for distance education courses in Dubai, so that you can work and study simultaneously.

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