IIM Calcutta gets Research Grant by MediaLab Asia

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    Agriculture provides the economic underpinnings for the majority of rural India. In past few years, new trends have emerged to improve the different areas of agricultural sectors using the modern technologies. Climatological condition monitoring is one of the most important aspects in agricultural production that has its direct impact on the productivity and maintenance of field crop. A huge loss is incurred every year due to damages of crop by various diseases caused by improper maintenance of some climatological conditions.

    The objective of this project would be to design, develop and implement a sensor-based wireless mesh network in a pilot scale to monitor the parameters like temperature, humidity, rainfall and wetness of soil etc. in real time for better management and maintenance of agricultural production and to prevent the severe attacks of diseases on the crops caused by the climatological conditions.

    The projet is funded by MediaLab Asia and led by Prof. Somprakash Bandyopadhyay, MIS Group, IIM Calcutta. Duration of this project is one year (April, 2007 – March, 2008). The estimated project cost is Rs. 34 Lakhs
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    So this should be end by now

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