How to Face Group Discussion

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    Well, a very important factor that you must keep an eye on is your confidence. When ever you are in a face to face group discussion be confident, understand the topic and then put on your views. At times, we jump into a discussion without bothering much about the subject matter, that is where we go wrong!

    In order to face a group discussion and make a stand at it, you must do the following things:

    - Have a basic knowledge about your area of interest.
    - Prepare well about the possible questionnaires.
    - Do a little bit research on the subject matter before going on to a discussion.
    - Be clear in your thoughts and communicate your point well.
    - Avoid being harsh or imposing your point on some one. You may keep your point in front of others by giving it subsequent evidence but, can not tell others to believe it.
    - Be strong in your voice yet polite in your execution of words.

    If you keep these few tips in mind, you surely will crack the face to face group discussion in a more apt way. Also, once you appear in a G.D you might feel a bit nervous. But, do not let that stress you out, relax, take a deep breathe, feel confident and take it on! If you believe in yourself and have a basic knowledge of the topic, you can easily bring out your view point in front of every one else. Even if you get a topic that you are not familiar with, try and think about it, make out the possible points of discussion and go on! In either case, what ever you speak should be valid and make sure to speak out in full poise.

    I hope above mention tips will help you to face a group discussion. Go ahead and stand out among others!
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    thank u..!!! :)
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    what a great post here... thnxx
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    For group discussion you must have aware about the national and international news, latest incident , prizes, government policies because most of the time the topic of GD is either from latest or hot topic or it may be a debated kind of topic.

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