Help with chosing a BSchool after giving GMAT

Discussion in 'International MBA' started by auditya, Nov 9, 2012.

  1. auditya

    auditya New Member

    I have given my GMAT recently and got a score of 770. I have a work experience of 2 years till now and it would be 3 by next fall. I have graduated from IIT Kharagpur. Can you help me with selecting a good B-school.
    Also, my GPA is very bad in my BTech. Will this matter a lot? Can you suggest few B Schools for which it wont matter much.

  2. askmymentor

    askmymentor New Member

    Hi auditya,

    KUDOS on your GMAT:smile:!!

    An avg. GMAT can certainly be offset by submitting strong application essays and demonstrating leadership skills and achievements at work place during final interviews. Let me know your short/long term goals and post-MBA career to help in shortlisting of b-schools.

    Feel free to post any other concerns you might have.


  3. krip

    krip New Member

    I would suggest go through the most current and updated ranking reports of universities/colleges/b schools. They help you compare all the factors like facilities, course content and job opportunities after you pass out.

    I hope this helps ! All the best !

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