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    Who is a successful manager? What it takes to be a successful manager? Every company needs an efficient person to manage tasks in the team to reap profits. “Efficiency, performance, elegance” are the new buzz words and are the expected quality of present generation managers. All the MBA students are going to be future managers and they have lots of responsibilities to be shouldered. Many have great dreams and aspirations. Only some people are able to achieve their dreams. What distinguishes between a successful person and failure?

    Understand the core point

    A person should possess self discipline in order to manage a team. An old proverb goes like this, “As the king and so as the subjects”. Let me tell you on how to make yourself achieve what you wanted. Following these points will help you to perform better and gives the strength to manage a team efficiently.

    Rule 1: When you are given with several tasks which need to be completed, take the most difficult one as the first job and finish it.

    Rule 2: Do not give importance and priority to smaller tasks. Resist the temptation.

    Rule 3: Plan your activities every day.

    The above said 3 rules are the thumb rules and need to be followed religiously.

    You might be confused with Rule 1. There are several benefits in completing the most difficult task first. Obviously, it will take a longer time and might be tiresome. However, you will have the satisfaction at the end and you know the value of completing the most difficult job earlier. You can be relaxed and then slowly proceed with the smaller tasks which are easier to execute.

    The completion of such tasks will give you strength and confidence to go ahead with the day’s left over work. You will not struggle at the end to complete such bigger tasks. Think of the pride you might get when you finish a task which will not be completed any other!! This rule is called eating the frog alive. It is ugly but the results are fruitful.

    Resisting the temptation to do smaller tasks first should be avoided. It will lead to procrastination in the long run. People who can avoid this kind of feelings will become highly successful. Procrastination is the worst enemy which will prevent your growth.

    Planning the activities will help you to be organized. This avoids delays in taking decisions. People can make effective plans and achieve greater results. If an individual can follow all these rules, it will inculcate all the required self management skills in him. It helps him to build a better corporate life and he can be awe inspiring to his colleagues. If you cannot follow all the 3 rules, try to follow at least one of them. It will bring good results and you can see the positive impacts in the long run. Discipline leads to commitment and ultimately to success. Make sure you inculcate this habit during your college days so that you can easily accommodate to the corporate culture.
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    All these skills can be taught and mastered. While applying for CAT, it is important to know others options as well, one of which is SNAP. it is as comprehensive as CAT, but gives you an opportunity to study in an international university.
    So always keep in mind to keep your options open and aim for the top colleges.
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    i need help in making a report on the topic "To what extent do u believe that managers have a clear understanding of their objectives? If in your opinion, they donot have it, how could u suggest going about setting these objectives?"
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    "Eating the frog alive" !! you chose the right words over there..!!

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