1,00,000 Download Project Reports for FREE!! - April Fool Joke

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by Yogin, Apr 1, 2010.

  1. Yogin

    Yogin Member

    There are 1 Lac project reports on Banking, Communication, Corporate, SWOT, Marketing, HR, Finance, Technology, and Lots more to download for free!!
    follow the link below...

    This thread was just an April Fool Joke.

    Please refer to our MBA Projects Forum for project reports and downloads
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  2. shabbir

    shabbir Administrator Staff Member

    When you move your mouse to the url it says April Fool and so not very effective.
  3. Yogin

    Yogin Member

    seems ur mouse is nt working properly n 2day everything for u seems 2 b april fool :d
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  4. shabbir

    shabbir Administrator Staff Member

    Just take your mouse over the link and see in the statusbar. You will see that url reads april fool.
  5. coolresh85

    coolresh85 Member

    I am doIn MBA in HR. I wana do proJect in HR. I need HR report on any relevant topics. can you pls send me If you don't mind. u can send to coolresh85 AT THE RATE gmail DOT com
    thanking you.
  6. adinesh03

    adinesh03 New Member

  7. sayan_sahu

    sayan_sahu New Member

    Hi I am Sayan , currently persuing MBA from JU (Kolkata).
  8. sankanagouda

    sankanagouda New Member

    hi i am bhavani. i am studing mba i want a projectreport on qwl please show me a way how to get it
  9. sankepalli_reds

    sankepalli_reds New Member

    please provide finance project topics
  10. ripudaman

    ripudaman New Member

    please provide me a project report on Marketing plzzzzzzzzzzz
  11. srikanth001

    srikanth001 New Member

  12. mohommad_mazhar

    mohommad_mazhar New Member

    hi my self mohommad mazhar plzzz provide me a dessertition report on the topic :
    Teenage Shopping Behavior for Clothing Products: A comparison of Attitude toward local versus foreign brands.

    as soon as possible
  13. aselvarani

    aselvarani New Member

    Financial Analysis
    Balance Sheet Analysis
    Quantitative Analysis of Financial Decisions,
    Management of Financial Institutions,
    Mutual Fund
    Online Trading
    Cash Management
    Credit Risk Management
    Securities Market
    Working Capital Management
    Security Analysis and Investment Management,
    Management of Financial Services,
    Financial Markets,
    Venture Capital
    Project financing, Analysis and Management,
    International Financial Markets and Financial management,
    Derivatives and Risk management,
    Portfolio Management,
    Cost Management,
    Mergers and Acquisitions,
    Management Control System,
    International Accounting,
    Financial Derivatives.
    Inventory Control...............:yes

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